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Diablo Canyon Decommissioning Engagement Panel Meeting
Status of the Proposal to Extend Operation of the Diablo Canyon Power Plant
August 24, 2022

The Diablo Canyon Decommissioning Engagement Panel (DCDEP) hosted a public meeting on Wednesday, August 24, 2022  at the SLO County Government Center in San Luis Obispo.  Community members also participated virtually via Zoom.  

The purpose of the meeting was to summarize the status of the proposed extension of operations of the Diablo Canyon Power Plant; to identify any additional, outstanding issues and challenges associated with its continued operation beyond the scheduled closure dates of reactors Unit 1 in 2024 and Unit 2 in 2025; and to inform the public where to submit their concerns for further consideration. The Engagement Panel received public comment from community members who attended the meeting in-person and online.

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Upcoming Meetings and Events

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Status and Schedule for Potential Continued Operation of Diablo Canyon Power Plant

December 14, 2022 

6:00 PM

A public meeting to inform the community on the status and schedule for the potential continued operation of Diablo Canyon Power Plant.

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Spent Nuclear Fuel Management and Storage Open House

Date TBD

PG&E will host an Open House on the new Orano TN NUHOMS EOS dry cask storage system recently selected for the transfer and storage of all remaining spent nuclear fuel at Diablo Canyon Power Plant. The Open House will include tours of the Independent Spent Fuel Storage Installation (ISFSI) at Diablo Canyon.

Diablo Canyon
Decommissioning Engagement Panel
Strategic Vision

Since its creation in May 2018, the Diablo Canyon Decommissioning Engagement Panel has conducted public meetings and workshops on key topics of decommissioning, including Decommissioning Process, Decommissioning Funding, Use of Diablo Canyon Lands, Repurposing of Diablo Canyon Facilities, Emergency Services, Storage of Spent Nuclear Fuel, Performance and Structure of the Panel, and Economic Opportunities and Impacts of Decommissioning. The Panel has prepared a Strategic Vision Report that includes vision statements, goals and specific recommendations for these key areas of decommissioning based on the community input and technical presentations at the meetings and workshops. The Strategic Vision was submitted to PG&E and the California Public Utilities Commission in 2018 and has been continuously updated as new decommissioning topics are addressed.

Community Meetings and Workshops have addressed the following topics



The regulatory process and timing
of decommissioning.



The cost associated with decommissioning.


Diablo Canyon

The future use of the 12,000 acres of land and
14 miles of coastline surrounding DCPP.


Repurposing of

The repurposing of non-radiological
facilities at DCPP.



Emergency planning systems after
decommissioning of DCPP.


Spent Nuclear Fuel

The storage and management of spent
nuclear fuel after decommissioning


Panel Performance and Structure

The past performance and future
structure of the Panel.


Economic Opportunities
& Impacts

Economic Opportunities and Impacts
of Decommissioning


Transportation Impacts

Transportation of Non-Radioactive Materials
and Low-Level Radioactive Wastes


Water Resources

Water Resources at the Diablo Canyon Power Plant and Lands

Video Tour of Diablo Canyon Power Plant Facilities

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