Diablo Canyon Decommissioning Engagement Panel

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DateAugust 20, 2020
Decommissioning TopicRepurposing of Facilities
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Once again I failed to earn a position on the Engagement Panel. I continue to believe that the number one priority of the Panel needs to be encouraging California to extend the Diablo Canyon operating license. Recent "gaps" in the renewable portfolio prove the futility of attempting to depend on renewable (unreliable) wind and solar nuisance power to run a modern society.
Germany has proven that depending on wind and solar is a fool's errand. Their most recent folly is funding hydrogen technology to utilize "excess" off-peak generating capacity to manufacture a substitute transportation fuel. I credit Germany for recognizing that battery storage is now, and almost certainly will never be economically feasible. But turning to hydrogen, instead of abandoning renewables and keeping their nuclear plants online is economic suicide. Let's learn from Germany's "energiewende" mistake.

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