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DateOctober 28, 2020
Decommissioning TopicRepurposing of Facilities
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I work with CCT Technology. We have developed a unique thermal energy storage system. It can store energy produced by any source of renewable or other energy at 1.2 MWh per unit (easily scalable).
Its advantages include:
20-year lifespan
70% cost of other storage over 10-years
Low carbon footprint in production and in operation.
High energy density at 5X Li-Ion.
Fewer moving parts for low maintenance.
Uses recycled material (e.g. old solar panels) not mined material and is fully recyclable.
Does not de-rate with charge/discharge cycles.
Simultaneous loading and unloading at unlimited speeds.
Delivers peak hour storage and consumption peak hour unloading within one device.
Holds charge for 8 days and does more than just store energy (Provides electricity, heat, cooling, hydrogen (by more than one process), and subsequent hot desalinated water and then reprocesses it for re-storage, Waste/Organic material critical gasification, and more).
Could produce desalinated water and store energy with one system versus two systems. Diablo Canyon could be continually utilized as an energy producing site with wind, solar or both, with storage of energy for off peak hours and still produce water the area is dependent on (and potentially increase supply). The small footprint could be stored in the existing facilities and others in the energy collection field. The green hydrogen produced could power vehicles for the state or run emergency power systems during disasters.

I can explain what the technologies are in more detail either by phone or email or send additional information. Thank you in advance for your consideration.

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