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DateNovember 9, 2020
Decommissioning TopicWater Resources
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Email to Panel member Kara Woodruff from Troy Barnhart regarding the waverider buoy.

Dear Kara,

As suggested, I am writing to elaborate on my concerns for the fate of the Diablo Canyon waverider buoy.
As a bit of background about the buoy itself, PG&E installed the buoy in 1983 following the destructive 1982-1983 El Niño events. Data from the buoy is shared with the Coastal Data Information Program (CDIP) managed by Scripps Institution of Oceanography, and available at https://cdip.ucsd.edu/themes/cdip?
pb=1&u2=s:076:st:1&d2=p9. CDIP is an extensive network of wave buoys and a premier source for metocean data. While possible PG&E originally installed
1. the buoy of its own volition to optimize operations at the Diablo Canyon plant , PG&E Engineer
Trevor Rebel indicated in the DCDEP meeting on November 28, 2020 that the buoy is currently
2. maintained as a licensing commitment to the NRC . In that presentation, Mr. Rebel indicated that
while maintenance of the buoy is relatively minimal, it would not be necessary to continue funding operation of the buoy if the breakwater remains in place.

Currently, the Diablo Canyon waverider buoy is the only active nearshore wave buoy between Monterey and the Los Angeles basin. Thus, this buoy in particular is an important data source for ongoing and future scientific, engineering, and planning efforts. I am concerned that if Diablo Canyon ceases generation and NRC permitting requirements subsequently loosen or expire, the buoy will be retired from service. As part of the decommissioning process, I believe it would be best to seek both a future owner/operator of the buoy such as Cal Poly or Scripps and a funding commitment for continued operations.

Feel free to contact me if you have further questions, or it may be of use to reach out to John Lindsey, a meteorologist with PG&E who is very familiar with the buoy and its data outputs.


Troy Barnhart

1 http://cdip.ucsd.edu/dbase/web_stations/076/articles/20040217.html
2 https://drive.google.com/file/d/1okDI_n3yPS5-1aRAMS7zHGn067ynz3go/view

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