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DateDecember 8, 2020
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Public comment presented during October 28, 2020 public Engagement Panel meeting.

MR. WEISSMAN:· I don't see an unmute button here.· David Weissman, Alliance For Nuclear Responsibility, and in the short time since 9:00, last ten minutes, I'm frankly more confused on the chronology of what was simply a request for some additional information and questions I put in back on the 6th of July, which was over 90 days ago.· Mr. Jones says he admits there was some form of miscommunication.· What I know, as I heard Lauren Brown remark, that he had no idea about the questions that I'd asked regarding the future of rail transportation.· I got an email from Chuck Anders saying that PG&E has conducted an investigation and will be providing an update at the upcoming public engagement meeting on Wednesday, the 28th.· I didn't see that analysis or -- what's the phrase here -- an investigation tonight.· I didn't see it on the agenda, I didn't hear it, and then we do hear Kara saying that somehow they were informed about this at some point and, you know, I'm just confused about the chronology of who knew what and when.· All I know is you did receive it July 6th, you told me such, it was placed up on your comment bulletin board and I'd like to know exactly how many more days, week, months we'll have to wait to get an answer; although, again, according, Mr. Anders, to your thing, the email you sent me last week, PG&E has conducted and will address my concerns tonight.· So maybe you could straighten that out for me and just let me know when we can expect this.

Second thing, to the questions that Ms. Woodruff was asking recently of Maureen about knowing what PG&E's intents could be, might I remind the committee and the listeners her question is kind of valid because we don't actually know what corporation or company PG&E will be even five years from now when the plant ostensibly closes.· Remember, they've only just emerged from bankruptcy, but their securitization plan to finance to climb out of bankruptcy has not been approved by the Public Utilities Commission yet and there's no way of knowing that the potential for future catastrophic wildfires, the inability to ensure securitization or adequate funding or possible subsequent guilt in any of the current fires could drive them back into bankruptcy any time, one year, two years, four years from now.· So I think Ms. Woodruff's question is certainly well-placed in that no idea of knowing exactly what company this will be when the plant is ready to retire, and I will leave it at that.· Thank you very much.

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