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DateDecember 8, 2020
Decommissioning TopicWater Resources
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Public comment presented during October 28, 2020 public Engagement Panel meeting.

MR. CHARTRAND:· Hello.· Thank you.· Thank you to the commission for your service and it's late so I'll try and keep it brief.

I'm Don Chartrand.· I live in Los Osos.· I'm the executive director of Creek Lands Conservation. Some of you may know us by our prior name, Central Coast Salmon Enhancement, and I mention that mainly because my comment tonight has to do with aqua culture, which is how we found our roots years ago growing salmon for fishermen.· Now we're more of a conservation group and in that capacity we are focused on a variety of different species important to the Central Coast.· My topic tonight focuses on abalone.· We're working with Noah Fisheries and the Nature Conservancy and Cal Poly to try and come up with a plan to save white abalone, which is an endangered species like black abalone. They're not native to the rocks in the near tidal in this immediate area, but the water is cold here and they live in deep cold water a little bit further south.· So the thought here is to use, you know, an idea to repurpose some of the infrastructure at Diablo Canyon for the purpose of what we're calling conservation aqua culture, which would be to raise large numbers of
immature organisms of a variety of types from shellfish to seaweed and maybe even fin fish of some type down the road for the purpose of rewilding California's coast that has been depleted by climate change and human use and disease like we've heard about from the black abalone.· So Conservation Aqua Culture is a use that has not been formally put forward to the decommissioning panel.· I just want to put on the record I think that would be a very interesting and use of the facilities at Parcel P. Thank you.

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