Diablo Canyon Decommissioning Engagement Panel

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DateDecember 8, 2020
Decommissioning TopicWater Resources
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Public comment presented during October 28, 2020 public Engagement Panel meeting.

MR. MILLER: Thank you. I just wanted to add a couple notes -- I'm sorry.· Eric Miller.· I'm actually a consultant with Miller Marine Science and Consulting. I've been working extensively in the seawater desalinization space, especially down here in Southern California. I just wanted to follow up with some of Mr. Juarez's comments and to some of the other questions I've heard.

He was correct in saying -- Mr. Juarez is correct in saying there have not been a -- there has not been a seawater desalinization plant that has been fully permitted under the ocean plan amendment that was adopted in 2015.· The closest was Carlsbad facility, but that had some special situations because it was an existing facility at the time.· It was more than 80 percent constructed by the time the new regulation was passed, but I did want to note I heard a couple of questions about the capacity of the facility and how much water would be available in relation to after the power plant did what it needed to maintain its operations through decommissioning.· There was one important point to keep in mind.· Desalinization of facilities can be expanded as is the case with the Charles Meyers facility in Santa Barbara.· That's one that's probably going to be expanded in the near future as additional local water districts choose to start taking water from that facility and I believe the same would occur here -- would be available here for the Diablo Canyon facility.· In the end, the critical items that are probably of most importance to consider when thinking about whether or not another entity such as the county to take over the operation and title, if you will, of the desalinization facility is more located in the existing infrastructure that's there that would not need to be replaced or created with a new facility, as well as the opportunity to utilize an existing MPDS permit through the Regional Water Board and build upon existing permitting rather than starting from ground zero.

So I think those are two couple very distinct advantages that this facility does present to the county if they are able to gather up additional partners to be involved in the project. That concludes my comment. Thank you.

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