Diablo Canyon Decommissioning Engagement Panel

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DateMarch 10, 2021
Decommissioning TopicRepurposing of Facilities
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The power plant shouldd be converted to a much needed marina, boatyard, and educational facility. The location is perfect for the following reasons. A break wall is already installed as is a boat launch ramp. Which could help with Coastal Commission approval. The location is between Morro Bay and Port San Luis. The new boatyard can service the commerical and recreational fleet of both harbors. This will provide much needed jobs and boost the local marine economy, which is struggling to put it lightly. A marina will encourage more local boating. This will lead to a demand for new boats, that can be built on site by a local boat builder. National boat companies will establish a dealerships. Boat Brokers will open up offices to supply the demand. This will provide revenue for the marine trades. A dedicated education center that teaches naval architecture, marine engineering, boat building, repair, and seamanship. A program like this would be welcome locally and heralded through out the state. The program can be either through Cuesta or Cal Poly. This is a plus for attracting much need blue collar and white collar jobs such as Naval Architects, Artisans, Educators, Craftsmen, Engineers, and Technicians. The new marina could be the home port for the fleet of the offshore wind farm. The commercial fisherman can have a place to haul out with qualified marine technicians and to moor their vessel in a safe location. The facility could house a storage facilty and a repair shop for commercial fishing equipment. A dry vessel storage building could be built and house small vessels creating another source of revenue and jobs. A vessel assist could be established. This would also provide a harbor of safe refuge for transiting vessels whether for mooring or repair purposes. The geographic location in itself would be the most unique marine facility in the state if not the country. This alone will bring in tourists and the money for the local economy. This idea will be the most successful and easily accomplished economically, environmentally, and geographically.

Group Affiliation, if any (Optional)Avant Maritime Service
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