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DateApril 22, 2021
Decommissioning TopicRepurposing of Facilities
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I'd like to know if anyone has considered a Pumped Storage Hydro solution integrating the desalination plant at Diablo with Lopez Lake Reservoir?

There was a study conducted to deliver water from the desalination plant to customers along the Lopez Lake pipeline, which cited pumping costs as one of the technical hurdles and cost drivers for water delivery, though it did not explore the possibility of electricity generation and subsequent value add for both water customers, as well as a significant electrical generation and clean energy storage.

This Argonne National Lab publication PSH Valuation Guidebook included members of PG&E, so they are familiar with the technology and its benefits.
Levi Gilbert (Pacific Gas & Electric)
Edward Hansen (Pacific Gas & Electric)
Jay Mearns (Pacific Gas & Electric)

And one of the major PSH programs completed in the US in 2020 was in California at Lake Hodges. Lake Hodges is 30k acre feet. Olivenham Dam is 24,000 acre feet. Lopez Lake Reservoir is approximately 50k acre feet.

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