Diablo Canyon Decommissioning Engagement Panel

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DateNovember 11, 2021
Decommissioning TopicRepurposing of Facilities
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The chosen "hybrid mode" of decommissioning in my opinion is basically bad, bad for anyone who cares for that land....but it's good for bean corners at pg&e HQ in San Francisco.

I've been involved in way too many large construction jobs and I know how this goes.... PG&E takes on the role of a General Contractor(GC) and they put "everything" out to bid (getting subcontractors).... they contract the "lowest bidder", PERIOD...... Any responsibility is contractually conveyed to the subcontractor(lowest-bidder)...... You can see that I didn't want to get in-the-face of Erik Daniels over this reality of construction (which I'm sure he knows).....and the SF HQ has specificaly selected decades ago.

In my opinion ,this mode is even worse than the last two listed inthat in that it allows PG&E to hire subs who are not licensed in the nuclear industry.

Re labor: the General Contractor never gets to tell the sub who the sub is going to hire, unless...... there is a negotiated labor contract in place such as with Union negotiations.

I think you have a history with the plant I need to make it clear that I think all the people at the Diablo site are extremely well-intended, salt-of-the-earth people who have made a home in San Luis Obispo County... Again, to be very clear the group of people who are up at San Francisco HQ for pg&e are mostly accountants and lawyers...... Frankly, they view us like a bunch of expendable hillbillies..... and to make no mistake about it, the bean-counters at the SF ,HQ call all the shots . In my opinion

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