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DateNovember 3, 2021
Decommissioning TopicOther
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Public comment presented during November 3, 2021 Engagement Panel Meeting:

MR. GREENING:· Okay. Very good.· Thank you.· This is Eric Greening.· Thank you for that presentation.· I'm going to have more comments relative to the county process and the EIR process.
But my comment right now is simply a suggestion for a future meeting topic and presenters for it. And that would be to invite someone from one or both of the utilities active with the San Onofre Decommissioning. And then sort of for another view from a different angle of that process invite someone from the Samuel Lawrence Foundation and get a feeling and learn what we can from the experience of the utility that is several years ahead of us on a track that is at least parallel to and may have some resemblance to the tracks that we're going to be on here. And, hopefully, we can learn from missteps as well as successes.
And so, again, I would say don't do it without having the balance. In other words, have someone from one or the other of the utilities involved and havesomeone from the Samuel Lawrence Foundation so that we get a range of points of view on the experience and lessons to be learned there.
And I'm thankful for the opportunity to engage on agenda items as we go along. Thank you.

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