Diablo Canyon Decommissioning Engagement Panel

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DateNovember 3, 2021
Decommissioning TopicTransportation Impacts
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Public comment presented during November 3, 2021 Engagement Panel Meeting:

MR. KRASNER:· Hi there, everybody on the panel. Thank you for this opportunity.
I live in Pismo Beach.· And my questions are going to be focused on the Pismo Beach Rail Yard and rail transfer construction.· In a recent notice in one of the local papers it indicates there are three additional locations for potential rail transfer sites, one of which is the Pismo Beach Materials Handling Facility on Price Canyon Road.· Has that facility gone through CEQA and the EIR requirements to be approved?· That's one question.
I do see that a company in San Luis Obispo by the name of Precision Estimating Services has already built out 20,000 square foot hazardous waste transfer building, installed 3100 feet of new track and done some significant upgrades on roadways and traffic signals.
This facility is very close to a middle school and also quite close to residential properties.· So I am alarmed by the location and the potential for problems. And want to know what has been done to mitigate such problems as they could come up.· Thank you.

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