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DateNovember 3, 2021
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Public comment presented during November 3, 2021 Engagement Panel Meeting:

MR. GREENING:· Thank you.· I'm Eric Greening. I live in the North County.· And I think the reason people are calling Susan "Sharon" is because she's sharin' so much important information.
But, anyway, I do have a question that -- I guess the timeline is still a little bit mysterious on the EIR.· But I have a concern to raise about that timeline in reference to something I brought up at the County Supervisors yesterday when -- when Susan was giving a progress report, which is that a very important increment of this project is the casks and how they will be handled.· And we don't yet know what that will look like.
And I was, essentially, defending the need of the EIR to provide full analysis and mitigation of the hazards thereof, even though the county doesn't have control over that particular increment of the project; for the same reason, for example, that it needs look at hazards and mitigations of those hazards relative to things like earthquakes, even though it has no control over the placement of faults or the timing or intensity of earthquakes.
So in any event, my concern is the -- the consultants were given a budget which presumes a certain workload and a certain timeline.· And I would just like to hope that whatever it takes to fully understand the casks and how they will be handled, and, how they be handled in the event of a need to replace one, et cetera, et cetera, so that mitigation measures be developed as needed once the hazards are fully understood that we not rush this thing ahead of a understanding thereof.
And then the only other thing -- and I'm going to bring these up during scoping too.· This morning I was at a very sobering global meeting relative to Fukushima and the plan to hemorrhage 860 trillion becquerels worth of radioactive water into the Pacific.· I can see a nexus for monitoring -- careful monitoring not only relative to Fukushima as a kind of a nexus for hazards we endure here generated locally, but also perhaps to catch local -- anything that locally gets into the ocean.
Currently, the Mothers for Peace sample ocean water and send it to Whit's Hole (phonetic).· And it has detected spikes from Fukushima's cesium.· But what we do not have and, apparently, don't have anywhere along the coast of -- of the U.S. is monitoring up the food chain. Concentrations in the sea water are one thing, but concentration in sea life, especially as you get toward the upper end of the food chain pyramid can be quite a bio concentrated other thing.
And so I would just like to put out there the possibility that we look at a program.· And, presumably, the different isotopes we could identify what might come from a Diablo Decommissioning operation versus what might have come from Fukushima.· But we definitely need to be gathering information about both.· Thank you very much.

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