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DateNovember 3, 2021
Decommissioning TopicEnvironmental Impacts
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Public comment presented during November 3, 2021 Engagement Panel Meeting:

MS. HARVEY:· Thank you.· I appreciate the·opportunity. So Susan Harvey. I'm in the county near Paso Robles. And I'm commenting on behalf of the Santa Lucia Chapter of the Sierra Club. And I have a couple of questions.
·When you refer to the intermodal containers I'm wondering if they will be sealed in waterproof -- in water tight while they are being transported.
So Susan Harvey.· I'm in the county near And I'm commenting on behalf of the Santa of the Sierra Club.· And I have a couple.
And then my next question is:· The permitting for the use of the port for barging, will that permit be exclusively for and by decommissioning through 2039?· In other words, will that be the only activity that is being permitted at that port site until 2039?
MR. JONES:· ·Yeah.· So your first question the simple answer is yes.· They are watertight and they are sealed.· They are robust shipping containers.
The second question:· Will that be the only ·activity?· No.· We currently run boats out of there for a marine monitoring program.· And then prior to 9-11 the -- we -- it was a harbor of safe refuge.· And so it was common to see three or four maybe five fishing vessels·just come in our harbor and take anchors during the night or the morning, and then go back out and start fishing.· So that use could occur independent of this activity.
What we're trying to do is -- part of our Environmental Impact Report bounds the impacts from that 10· ·process, including the shipping and transportation.
Secondarily, because we would be conducting some construction in the original jurisdiction area that will be subject to the California Coastal Commission to ·approve that modification as it will also be part of a new lease with the California State Lands Commission. So, again, the county leading the Environmental Impact Report, that document is going to serve all three of those processes.· So the county has the lead in the analysis and coordinates with those other agencies about what level of detail they will require.
So to take that one step further.· When we make our application for the lease with California State Lands Commission there's different levels of engineering diagrams and design.· And we'll be at what's called the 30 percent level.· So we'll have more than a conceptual design of how that structure will be modified to accommodate barging kind of transportation.
Now, if you think repurposing and succession, anything that can launch -- you know, that can successfully convey a 25-ton container onto a barge 100 feet out can certainly launch any recreational vessel into the water.· So the opportunities there will be beyond what's in the application.
MR. ANDERS:· Thank you, Susan.· Did that answer your questions?
MS. HARVEY:· Yeah.· Thanks.· I guess.· I think I'm not quite sure what all my questions are.· But thank you very much.

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