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DateNovember 3, 2021
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Public comment presented during November 3, 2021 Engagement Panel Meeting:

MR. GREENING:· Thank you.· I just wanted to get some clarification.· I thought I heard that the panel was going to have a field trip to San Onofre, is that correct, where you'll physically actually be touring the facilities there?
And my question is:· Is that going to be a public meeting in any way?· Either that we would be able to be present virtually or that people would be present on the·site physically?
And, again, I have the concern that being on a tour only with the utility operator gives you certainly a large part of the picture.· But you don't have a complete picture unless the public is also able to participate and speak to you.· And, particularly, I would assume people in the Samuel Lawrence Foundation 10· ·would be very interested in participating and having their concerns heard.· It might provide some lessons for us in terms of things to avoid.
So tell -- if you can explain more about the circumstances, the meeting, and its openness to the public and whether the proceedings of that meeting will somehow be available to the public after it has happened.· Thank you.
MR. JONES:· ·Chuck, I can address that.· This is Tom Jones.· So no, it is not open to the public.· It's an intense tour of the physical decommissioning of the power plant.· So everyone will be wearing personal protective equipment.· They will be escorted by experts from Southern California Edison.· And a pretty hazardous industrial environment.· So it's not going to be a public meeting.· And it is by invitation to their private property.
I will say that the panel will clearly get an update.· And they do trip reports.· So the panel has benchmarks; San Onofre.· It's traveled to Rancho Seco in the past and offered those updates to the public for what they have seen with regard to the -- any entity, whether it's Samuel Lawrence or anyone else, the panel is free to invite who they wish when we build out an agenda for a meeting.
MR. GREENING:· ·Thank you.· So I will repeat the comment from earlier in the meeting that I think that the Samuel Lawrence Foundation should be invited to a future meeting, one of your regular public meetings as well as the utility itself to kind of give their perspective as well as the utility's perspective on lessons that we can take with us in terms of our own experience that is happening in ensuing years that they have been through already.· Thank you so much.

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