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DateApril 20, 2022
Decommissioning TopicSpent Fuel Storage
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JANE SWANSON:· All right.· I am Jane Swanson.
I am with San Luis Obispo Mothers for Peace, and my
question is a follow-up to what Sherri Danoff brought up
recently about the planned -- last October, I was one of
a few citizens invited to witness the inspection of
some -- one cask they were going to lift up, and Sherri
used the word "transporter" -- I was thinking it was a crane
-- but whatever it was that was supposed to pick
the thing up, it didn't work, so that was canceled.· And
my understanding is that that inspection will happen in
May sometime.
· · · · ·And my question is about details on that.· So
the inspection will be looking for what?· I'm presuming
corrosion or something, but I'm wondering if somebody
could explain more about the difference between
looking -- why and how you look at the bottom of a cask
as opposed to the sides or the interiors?
· · · · ·And how many casks will be inspected in this
way long-term?· I am only aware of one being planned,
and I don't know if that is just the first of many or if
that's it; so that's my question.
· · · · ·MR. ANDERS:· Go ahead, Philippe, if you can
answer the question.
· · · · ·PHILIPPE SOENEN:· Yes.· So the purpose is to
lift the canister so we can look at the bottom of the
cask itself for any degradation to validate that there's
nothing unexpected going on there.
· · · · ·Just to be clear, it is not part of a
requirement of the License Renewal Application.· That's
why we have submitted the application prior to these,
but it is a prudent action that we are taking just to
validate that there's nothing unexpected going on.
· · · · ·So depending on what the results are, we expect
they are just the visual indications and not necessarily
having to do cask lifts in the future, but it's to get a
good baseline of how our system is performing.

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