Diablo Canyon Decommissioning Engagement Panel

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DateApril 20, 2022
Decommissioning TopicSpent Fuel Storage
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Public comment presented during April 20, 2022 Engagement Panel Meeting:

KAYLENE WALKER:· Hi.· Kaylene Walker.· I live
20 miles from San Onofre, and I carefully followed the
whole Holtec fuel loading process and the multiple
problems and then the information that was discovered
from the various problems like a canister was broken,
shims was loaded, and the near drop, of course.
· · · · ·I did more than listen to the talking points
from the -- the public talking points.· I read technical
documents.· I attended NRC meetings.· So I would like --
· · · · ·And I would like to just call your attention to
some kind of misleading statements that I think are
worth looking into.
· · · · ·Number one, the inspection of the -- these
canisters are problems with corrosion and cracking;
that's -- that's an expected fact about these canisters.
· · · · ·The inspection technique is not an inspection.
That isn't -- the inspection report made a clarification
that this was a visual assessment.
· · · · ·That would be like going to the dentist and
having them take pictures of your teeth with that
camera.· They cannot assess the microscopic crack
development that happens with these canisters.
· · · · ·Visual assessments are not effective at
assessing crack development.· They can look at
precursors but not actual cracks.· That's a very serious
· · · · ·The repair technology that you mentioned that
San Onofre has been touting, that is ASME -- I mean EPRI
put out to the court in 2021 that said this nickel-spray
repair technology cannot -- there's no credit -- no
credit should be taken for structural or strength
properties of cold spray.
· · · · ·ZEKE TURLEY, AGP:· That's time.
· · · · ·KAYLENE WALKER:· Also -- is my time up?
· · · · ·MR. ANDERS:· Your two minutes are up.
· · · · ·KAYLENE WALKER:· Let me finish that one point.
The cold spray will not stop a helium leak from a crack.
That is like a very serious problem.
· · · · ·Anyway, I have so many points that I would like
to make.· Maybe I will put them in writing.· Thank you.

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