Diablo Canyon Decommissioning Engagement Panel

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DateApril 20, 2022
Decommissioning TopicSpent Fuel Storage
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Public comment presented during April 20, 2022 Engagement Panel Meeting:

SHARON HAMMOND:· Thank you.· Hello.· My name is
Sharon Hammond, H-a-m-m-o-n-d; and I am with an
organization called the "Society Library," and we
organize collective information around a given topic and
then organize that information into debate maps for
educational and public consumption.
· · · · ·And from that regard I have to give absolute
gratitude to the panel and to the safety counsel as well
for your fantastic organization and information
· · · · ·My question now is, given the recent OIG report
that called into question the efficacy of oversight,
and, particularly, the efficacy of existing inspections
of Diablo Canyon facilities and risk-significant
equipment, are there any plans to, say, preemptively do
additional internal inspections or in some way
communicate to the public that areas that may have been
overlooked or not inspected as carefully as we would
have hoped are getting that attention?
And, specifically, you know, those
risk-significant systems and spent fuel areas.· Are
there -- are there any plans to more aggressively
monitor, inspect, and communicate that to the public
· · · · ·MR. ANDERS:· Anyone, can you address that? I
guess that's it.
· · · · ·Go ahead, Philippe.
· · · · ·PHILIPPE SOENEN:· There seems to be a lot of
focus on operational activity.· For the topic here we
are talking about our dry cask storage systems, and as
we talked about the seismic design for the -- our
current system and then there will be presentation for
the new system that will be implemented, I think we will
take note of what the comment as far as they relate to
the OIG and operational inspections.

Group Affiliation, if any (Optional)Society Library
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