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DateApril 20, 2022
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Public comment presented during April 20, 2022 Engagement Panel Meeting:

MARY MATAKOVICH:· Thank you.· Good evening.
It's been a very informative evening for me, and I
appreciate the opportunity to address you.· My name is
Mary Matakovich, M-a-t-a-k-o-v-i-c-h.· I am a resident
of Avila Beach, as well as I serve as a Port San Luis
Harbor District commissioner and as a liaison to our
Avila Valley Advisory Council.
· · · · ·So I'm representing the Avila Valley Advisory
Council tonight by emphasizing the letter that we have
sent you on April 11th, and I hope you have all read it.
But I would like to say a few words about our letter.
The Avila Valley Advisory Council has
appreciated representation of Avila, Avila's interest on
the decommissioning panel, and our council member,
Sherri Danoff has been instrumental in keeping us
· · · · ·Time after time we get reports, and she updates
us on what's going on with this panel.· It's very
impressive, and we need it translated sometimes into
just kind of basic -- basic facts.
· · · · ·And if I could give you an example of her
approach with us, you know, we share our concerns.· She
explains a little bit more about what the work of the
panel is and then addresses our questions.
· · · · ·And Sherri has been very instrumental now in
the intended to decision to barge the majority of the
waste materials from Diablo instead of the 70,000 truck
trips through tiny Avila on our narrow winding road.
· · · · ·Despite that Avila is the community, which has
the most -- will be most effected by commissioning
activities and also storage of used fuel in the future.
Whoops.· Am I out of time?
· · · · ·We ask you to -- we ask you to assure the
continued representation of Avila's interest on the
panel.· Avila Valley Advisory Council asks that an
ex officio position be placed on the panel and be
established with Sherri Danoff who has served in this capacity.
· · · · ·Please, Avila needs to have an experienced
representative on the panel, and we thank you for your

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