Diablo Canyon Decommissioning Engagement Panel

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DateApril 20, 2022
Decommissioning TopicSpent Fuel Storage
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Public comment presented during April 20, 2022 Engagement Panel Meeting:

PIERRE ONEID:· Okay.· This is Pierre Oneid, and
I am with Holtec International.· We are headquartered in
Florida with our factories in New Jersey.
· · · · ·And I wanted to thank you for the opportunity
to speak to the panel.· I would like to begin with an
apology to PG&E, the panel, and the local community for
the tone of my letter of April 6th.
· · · · ·You see, in the last 15 years we have had 20
nuclear units that changed their dry storage system from
Orano to Holtec and never the other way around until we
received this shock.
· · · · ·We care deeply about Diablo Canyon Plant and
the community, and we have safety and technical
· · · · ·Once notified I traveled to San Luis Obispo and
had the pleasure to meet with community leaders,
including three members of this distinguished panel, and
learned of a unique Diablo Canyon Independent Safety
Committee which consists of eminent nuclear scientists
and engineers.
· · · · ·Absent a meaningful dialogue with PG&E
leadership, we will communicate our specific safety and
technical concerns with the IFC this week.
· · · · ·Again, apologies for the tone of the letter,
and thank you for your time.

Group Affiliation, if any (Optional)Holtec International
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