Diablo Canyon Decommissioning Engagement Panel

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DateApril 20, 2022
Decommissioning TopicSpent Fuel Storage
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Public comment presented during April 20, 2022 Engagement Panel Meeting:

JILL ZAMEK:· Hi.· Jill Zamek, Z-a-m-e-k. I
live in Arroyo Grande.· I remain confused about the
material that I have read.
· · · · ·The press material states that Orano's extended
optimized storage system has been licensed for use at
other facilities and approved by the NRC, and then it
goes on to say that the system design includes enhanced
thermal and seismic capabilities, which require
additional NRC safety reviews.
· · · · ·And then I'm listening tonight, and it sounds
like there needs to be some physical modifications made
in order to accommodate the increased thermal and
seismic requirements.
· · · · ·And Holtec's response in that letter stated
that the NRC review affects the schedule, not the
already robust license capabilities of our system.
There seems to be a contradiction there.
· · · · ·It seems that the system, the Orano system has
to be modified, and that hasn't been approved yet by the
NRC; is that correct?
· · · · ·MR. ANDERS:· Someone is going to answer that.
· · · · ·RAHEEL HAROON:· That is correct.· The system
does need to be modified a little bit, and it needs to
go through an amendment process with the NRC.
· · · · ·ROGER MAGGI:· So if I could respond.· It's the
same module performed at SONGS for the amount of
acceleration that's going to be over 50 percent
higher --
· · · · ·MR. ANDERS:· Mic, please.
· · · · ·ROGER MAGGI:· -- (indiscernible.)
· · · · ·MR. ANDERS:· Hold on.· The answer is correct.

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