Diablo Canyon Decommissioning Engagement Panel

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DateDecember 8, 2020
Decommissioning TopicWater Resources
Comment / Suggestion:

Public comment presented during October 28, 2020 public Engagement Panel meeting.

MR. MILLER: I'd like to thank the panel and the presentations. I had one question that might be updated in the future on the desal and the large amount of water that's needed for decommissioning.· If the large buildings were repurposed such as the warehouse, admin building, training building, would the amount of water needed for decommissioning be reduced, and if so, by how much?· 25 percent, 50 percent, et cetera.

Another comment would be if desal is seemed to be viable going forward and those who are concerned about releasing brine to the ocean, I would think it is possible to send the brine to solar evaporation ponds. They originally got sea salt. And if I'm not mistaken, that's how Mahatma Gandhi broke the British empire in salt.· That's my comments.· Thank you very much.

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