Diablo Canyon Decommissioning Engagement Panel

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DateApril 20, 2022
Decommissioning TopicSpent Fuel Storage
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Public comment presented during April 20, 2022 Engagement Panel Meeting:

SUSAN STRACHEN:· Good evening.· Wonderful to
see all of you in person.· I'm Susan Strachen,
S-t-r-a-c-h-e-n.· I am with the San Luis Obispo County
Planning and Building Department.
· · · · ·And I have a question.· In the agenda it talked
about changes to the ISFSI structure, and I don't --
this is late for me, I am usually asleep by now, and so
maybe I nodded off -- but I was wondering if that could
be talked about tonight or if it could be discussed at
the next meeting.
· · · · ·MR. ANDERS:· I was distracted when you were
talking; so I didn't catch the question.
· · · · ·SUSAN STRACHEN:· Okay.· There was -- on the
agenda it talks about changes to the ISFSI structure
containment berms, and I didn't hear that talked about
in the presentation tonight; so I was wondering if you
could touch base on that next month.

Group Affiliation, if any (Optional)San Luis Obispo County Department of Planning and Building
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