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May 30, 2018Other

Charles Intrieni

Submitted speaker card - did not speak.
A project plan with milestones, schedule resources and accountability is critical to the success of the project. Use LEAN initiatives. Will you used Kaizen techniques? Use Voice of the Culture and Voice of the Employee. Eliminate all waste and bring value to your project.

May 30, 2018Repurposing of Facilities

Don Maruska, Los Osos, CA

15· · · · · · MR. MARUSKA:· Hello.· I'm Don Maruska.· Our
16· ·family is 44-year residents of the county, living in Los
17· ·Osos, and I just wanted to share some perspectives with
18· ·you because, as somebody who founded three companies in
19· ·Silicon Valley and now since coming to this area serve
20· ·as a business coach to organizations and work with
21· ·people solving tough issues together, I see tremendous
22· ·opportunity for this community.· Change creates
23· ·opportunity and so how can we capitalize on that and
24· ·that, I think, is really the cornerstone of what we have
25· ·an opportunity to assess here.
·1· · · · · · So I'm looking at what can be a win-win-win of
·2· ·possibility in this context.· By that, I mean a win for
·3· ·the community, a win for PG&E and its ratepayers and a
·4· ·win for the partners that might come forward and provide
·5· ·new opportunities out of the Diablo Canyon Power Plant
·6· ·overall facility, but how are we going to do that and
·7· ·what can we do to make that happen?· That's going to be
·8· ·the critical issue.
·9· · · · · · The way it can be a win-win-win is that if
10· ·there are opportunities for partners in the community to
11· ·make use of facilities at Diablo Canyon, the then means
12· ·that PG&E won't have to go to the full expense of taking
13· ·those facilities down to bare ground and trying to
14· ·remediate everything.· These are all the existing use
15· ·facilities.· They can actually save money on what the
16· ·decommissioning's going to cost and that creates, also,
17· ·an opportunity for groups, either Cal Poly or others.
18· ·I'm not speaking on their behalf, but there are a lot of

19· ·different groups I've been brainstorming with that have
20· ·ideas of what can be done there.
21· · · · · · So what's needed, though, to make that happen
22· ·is that these things take a long time to come together.
23· ·My experience in other communities with these kinds of
24· ·transition projects is they take eight years of planning
25· ·to come to fruition.· So 2025 is around the corner for
·1· ·assembling the agencies, the grants and everything else
·2· ·you need to do to do any significant thing on this
·3· ·parcel.
·4· · · · · · So my suggestion to the panel and to PG&E is to
·5· ·really forward think it.· Maybe put out some money on a
·6· ·proposal basis to organizations that want some help and
·7· ·get some resources to do some advanced planning, then
·8· ·you could put into this triennial report concrete ideas
·9· ·on alternate uses and you'd begin to get things rolling
10· ·and we could leverage other money from the community,
11· ·from federal agencies, et cetera, to make these things
12· ·happen and get this economy turning around versus just
13· ·going -- stalling out in 2025.
14· · · · · · So with your good leadership, and I've had the
15· ·pleasure of working with a number of you on solving
16· ·tough issues together, I'm sure that you can pull this
17· ·off, but I think we need to start now rather than say,
18· ·okay, we're going to look at what's going to happen down
19· ·the road and hope that your forward leadership will
20· ·carry us there.· Thank you very much.

May 30, 2018Repurposing of Facilities

William Toman, Los Osos, CA

12· · · · · · MR. TOMAN:· Good evening.· My name is Bill
13· ·Toman.· I live in Los Osos.· Thank you very much for
14· ·joining this panel.· We need a diverse set of voices to
15· ·properly plan for the incredible changes coming to our
16· ·region through the retirement of the Diablo Canyon
17· ·Nuclear Plant.
18· · · · · · I am a graduate nuclear engineer and my first
19· ·job out of engineering school was with the manufacturer
20· ·of the reactor at Diablo Canyon out in Pittsburgh,
21· ·Pennsylvania.· I worked for two nuclear utilities in my
22· ·career and so I'm very familiar with the processes, the
23· ·mechanics, the physics, all the things that go on with
24· ·nuclear power plants, keeping them safe and the eventual
25· ·retirement of those facilities when their time has come.
·1· · · · · · PG&E's economic consultants, when they put
·2· ·together the joint proposals, did an analysis of how
·3· ·much Diablo Canyon will be used in 2025 and the number
·4· ·that they came up with is that it would be producing
·5· ·about 9 gigawatt hours a year of electricity.
·6· ·Currently, it generates about twice that, 18 gigawatt
·7· ·hours a year.· This is because there's going to be
·8· ·increasing penetration renewable energy over the next
·9· ·eight years, and as a flight of load from the
10· ·traditional utilities to community choice aggregation
11· ·entities.· Between those two phenomenon, Diablo Canyon
12· ·is simply not going to be needed in 2025.· The ALJ for
13· ·the CPC came to a finding that the Diablo Canyon output
14· ·is not necessary for the reliability of the great of

Diablo Canyon Decommissioning Public Engagement Panel
May 30, 2018 Panel Meeting
Public Comments
15· ·California.
16· · · · · · I'm here to say that it is perfectly feasible
17· ·to replace all of the 9 gigawatt hours a year of
18· ·generation of Diablo in 2025 with renewable energy and
19· ·storage and I would urge this panel to look at
20· ·especially during the sessions for repurposing the
21· ·assets of Diablo to perhaps consider a parallel path
22· ·about what could be repurposed for renewable energy and
23· ·especially for offshore wind, which could, with just 2
24· ·or 300 floating wind turbines, completely replace that 9
25· ·gigawatt hours of generation here on the Central Coast,
·1· ·providing jobs and construction maintenance of that
·2· ·renewable energy technology while putting the Diablo
·3· ·Canyon plant to a safe rest.· Thank you very much.

Ideol SA
May 29, 2018Repurposing of Facilities

I’m getting some feedback about the intake and discharge coves, and have learned that there may be strong disagreement on what their future should look like during and after the decommissioning. I think everyone agrees that we want to restore/create a marine/coastal environment that is as healthy and bio-diverse as possible. But there appears to be disagreement on how we get there. Some argue that we should keep the breakwater, to among other things maintain a healthy environment as well as provide shelter for marine mammals and other life during stormy weather, etc. Others argue that the breakwater has interfered with a healthy environment, negatively affecting harbor seals, abalone, and other species; these folks may argue to remove the breakwater, which as I understand it is the default CPUC position.

May 24, 2018Repurposing of Facilities

I was approached by the Marine Mammal Center about the decommission process. As you may know, MMC operates facilities to rescue, rehabilitate, and release marine mammals. (They have treated over 20,000 marine mammals including sea lions, seals, and otters in its over 40-year history.) MMC has operations in Morro Bay and Monterey, which act as triage units for emergency care before animals are taken way up to Saucelito where the main hospital is located. Interestingly, PG&E and MMC have had a successful partnership along the way – PG&E even features the organization in some of its commercials (you can google/youtube that, or I can send you a clip if you’d like). The Marine Mammal Center has been exploring options for a future new hospital facility along the Central Coast -- consistent with their five year strategic plan to build out satellite facilities to provide more local, urgent rehabilitation care and to incorporate more public engagement and education. They considered the now-defunct sea lion “aquarium” in Morro Bay but the space is too small. In reviewing the decommissioning process, they saw a potential, excellent fit with the facilities at Diablo Canyon. The intake of salt water is key to their operations (they have to “make” salt water up in Saucelito). The inlet cove would be idea to intake injured/sick animals by boat, and also would serve as an excellent release area (as would the outlet cove). Existing facilities on the site could serve as the hospital itself. Also, they have been talking with Cal Poly recently about partnerships for marine research -- and I believe Cal Poly too has expressed an interest in the Diablo site, including marine environment. They also see a potentially rewarding partnership with State Parks, given the site’s proximity to Montana de Oro. Lots of potentially good matches/collaborations there. Finally, MMC has been able to raise multiple millions of dollars to construct and operate its hospital in Saucelito – they have a strong fundraising capacity (as well as a potential base of wealthy donors in the Bay Area) that could be tapped into for renovations and other tasks necessary to create and operate a central coast animal care facility. I am hoping that we can explore this option as a potential excellent fit for reuse of one of the existing buildings, and to make another case for keeping the breakwater intact (rather than dismantling it after the plant closes). Do you have any suggestions about how to go forward with this? Are the panel members generally open to exploring this idea? If this idea is worth exploring, might we consider working with PG&E to set up a tour of the plant and environs with key representatives from MMC?

May 22, 2018Repurposing of Facilities

About the suggestion I received for Diablo becoming a CA repository for used fuel, the person who suggested it now recognizes the flawed assumption about DOE, in addition to recognizing that road access is undesirable.

May 19, 2018Repurposing of Facilities

For consideration by the Panel at an appropriate time, a concept for a future use of the nuclear facility was sent to me by a Nuclear Engineer who worked at Diablo for 25 years:“I believe it is in the best interest of California to seriously entertain the concept that DCPP be converted to an Interim Nuclear Spent Fuel Storage Facillity. That is, to re-fit both DCPP’s containment structures to house the spent fuel relocated from the DCPP dry cask storage area, the PG&E Humbolt Bay ‘safe store’ spent fuel area, the San Onofre power plant, and the Rancho Seco [Sacramento area] power plant. That basically means that the DOE (Dept of Energy) takes ownership of the site.I can elaborate in more detail at a later date.”

May 17, 2018Decommissioning Funding

Stakeholders impacted by the decommissioning of the Diablo Canyon Power Plant (DCPP) have many concerns. The community seeks actions, by PG&E, Government leaders, and others, to mitigate adverse economic impacts that may be associated with the closure. These include the economic and social impact from the loss of jobs (direct and indirect), loss of tax revenues, and loss of other community support. Likewise, the community seeks land use and preservation actions for the DCPP site, actions that may require PG&E to forego other more economically valuable uses of the land.

Two key questions should be asked when evaluating any proposed action:



The answers to these two questions will help the Panel sort out the viability of the numerous concerns and demands that will arise during the decommissioning process.

September 14, 2017Repurposing of Facilities

Presentation at 9/14/2018 Facility Repurposing Workshop. Please see workshop video.

November 29, -0001Lands

This is a wonderful opportunity for the county to do it right the first time. Providing Mountain Bike, Hiking and Equestrian Trails from MDO through to Avila. These type of trails would quickly would become a world class destination especially for families. This would add significant booked hotel room nights. New businesses would be established to support shuttle services for users to go one way (approx 20 Miles) Look at the success of the "Rails to Trails" program in New Zealand. 

November 29, -0001Repurposing of Facilities

It is imperative to repurpose the extensive infrastructure on site to the greatest extent practicable... Substation especially

November 29, -0001Lands

Public access to the Diablo Lands needs to be worked out with Chumash elders... I support public access, hiking, mountain biking etc.

November 29, -0001Lands

Tribal rights on Diablo Land are very important. The Chumash lived on these lands for centuries, and their rights have often been neglected. That said, it's important that these lands be protected for everyone, today and forever. Thus I strongly urge that any land transfers to tribes be accompanied with conservation easements that protect the natural resources of the land and prohibit development or commercial uses.

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